How not to go crazy during the Pandemic

How not to go crazy during the pandemic

If you landed on this page, you are most probably fed up of the global situation we are facing. Don’t worry, we are all in this together and there are tools and tips to help us go through the chaos with grace and ease.

Our world faced a 180 degree change within a few hours only. We went from being; free, confident, secure, worry less to being the absolute opposite. Most of us are now feeling; muted, unsafe, betrayed, worried, powerless, confused and much more. Not knowing how tomorrow will unfold add a lot of weight on our shoulders. The use of antidepressants during the past months has increased drastically. Between February 2020 and March 2020, the use of anti-anxiety pills had increased by 21%, a month only. Therefore, if you sometimes feel like you’re going crazy, or that you are anxious, stressed and feel insecure, just remember that it is completely normal. The crisis we are facing isn’t a walk in the park, it’s a traumatic experience that challenges our mental health.

Thankfully, there are some things we can do in order to feel better and to remain somewhat calm.

1. Find your center and remain in the present moment:

Remember, living in the future will only bring more anxiety to your life. Find your center, focus on the present moment. What can you do in the NOW, that can help you feel better? Focus on your breath. Are you breathing properly? Most probably not. When we are anxious, we tend to forget to breath correctly, or to breath at all. Think of what’s around you NOW that makes you happy and grateful: you are in a safe space, you have food, you are healthy, you have loved ones that care about you, you are witnessing a beautiful sunset, you are enjoying a nice warm bath. If you think too much of tomorrow and of what’s coming up next, you will fall into anxiety and discomfort once again.

2. Keep moving:

Even if your country has imposed a curfew or some restrictions for going out, make some time in your day to be active physically. This is so important in order for you to feel better. Did you know that even just a 20 minutes walk can be beneficial for your overall health? Sometimes we think we have to do extreme cardio routines of over 45 minutes in order to get some benefits, but it’s not true. Whatever you do is better than nothing. When you don’t have a lot of time, go for a short walk, and when you do have more time, plan a longer activity.  When we do nothing, is when we fall into vicious cycles. Keep the wheel moving and you will find it easier and easier to get up and do some physical activity.

3. Get some vitamin D:

So so so important. Not only vitamin D has been proven to be effective to prevent from catching viruses, but it will also improve your mood and mental state. If you live in a northern country where it’s hard to get your daily amount of vitamin D, get yourself some supplements. Vitamin D is vital and it’s easy to have a deficiency if you don’t go out and expose yourself to sunlight. You can buy some at any health store, but you can also get a prescription from your doctor, which will most probably be cheaper and more concentrated.

4. Eat healthy:

Food is comfort. We all know that overindulging with food is something people do when feeling anxious or depressed. And we all know that it’s the fastest way to fall into a vicious cycle. When we eat comfort food, we often think that it’s then not worth training not doing any physical activity, because anyways we ate something unhealthy. And this one-time comfort food meal, becomes a daily bad habit. Refined sugar and simple carbs make us feel more tired and don’t satiate our hunger. Therefore, we tend to eat more and do less.

5. Build and follow a routine:

Last but not least, maintain a daily routine. Plan some simple tasks that you know you can and will accomplish on a daily basis. By accomplishing a few simple tasks in the morning, you will get enough motivation to undertake bigger tasks throughout the day. For example, in the morning, start by washing your face and making your bed. Once you’re done, put a checkmark next to those tasks on your to-do list and you will feel rewarded just by doing this. It’s so satisfying to mark a task as done! During the first wave of the pandemic, I would plan a few simple tasks every day that really helped me keeping it together: wash my face in the morning, drink a full glass of lemon water after waking up, go for a walk on lunch break. And you know what, by doing those tasks every day, I managed to reach my weight loss goals and to feel overall so much better in my skin and head. This is the journal that I use at the moment to plan my long term and short term goals and to write down my thoughts: My Personal Development Journal by Maolibox.

I really hope that these tips will help you navigate this global pandemic with more ease. Remember that we are the creators of our own reality and we can always see the bright side of every situation.

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