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What is the meaning of Maoli?

Did you know that Maoli is a native Hawaiian word that means "real" and "genuine". Being happy starts by learning how to love yourself and be true to yourself and others. Maoli Lifestyle is a Canadian Coaching Organization that has for mission to help one live their best life possible by following their dreams, finding their life's purpose and learning how to live a simple and healthy life.

My Personal Development Journal

What our Goddesses have to say about the Journal


I absolutely LOVE this journal! I love how there are tons of suggestions on self-care & personal development, as well as space to record ideas, plan out my business & school, and learn about the moon phases and my life path! It’s a portable magical toolkit everyone needs!


It’s my second time ordering this Personal Development Journal / Planner, and I’m in love!

It has helped me so much during the COVID times with the quarantine. Keeping track of my goals and daily to do lists. And you will be impressed by all the content that is included in this Journal. If you are a fan of numerology, astrology and moon cycles, you will love this planner. Highly recommended!

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Life Purpose Live Aligned, Empowered and Fulfilled

Live a Life of Purpose: Aligned, Fulfilled and Empowered

You are here because you are answering a call to fulfill you Life Mission, without having to sacrifice your Authenticity and Joy in the process.

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