Live a Life of Purpose through
Spiritual Expansion & Interdimensional Healing


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What is Maoli Higher Consciousness Coaching About?

Did you know that Maoli is a native Hawaiian word that means "real" and "genuine".

Maolibox is a Montreal based business, founded by Camille Lalande. It's mission is to help you improve your life by guiding you through your remembrance. Guiding you inwards to address your trauma, pain points and previous lives. Making sure to highlight your purpose as a being of light in the Era of the Great Awakening.

Working on an interdimensional level to heal and expand your physical, karmic, emotional, social, spiritual and mental experience. Your soul chose to be here in this lifetime and if you found this profile today it is because you are about to dive into a life changing experience that will help you expand and meet your higher self once again.

My Personal Development Journal

What people say about us 🖤

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I am not one to write a review if I do not deeply feel it needs to be shared. Camille is so clearly passionate about her work, so attentive and present. I had an Astrological Birth Chart, HuMan Design and Life Path Number reading and it was so spot on and so insightful. what I mostly loved about the reading was the overall vibe along with of course the abundance of information I received about my soul. The vibe was just so open, I felt comfortable to ask my questions as well as have some dialogue throughout with Camille who is honestly a ray of sunshine. I recommend highly. She knows her stuff.


I absolutely LOVE this journal! I love how there are tons of suggestions on self-care & personal development, as well as space to record ideas, plan out my business & school, and learn about the moon phases and my life path! It’s a portable magical toolkit everyone needs!


I had a first ever reading done (I had an astrological birth chart, human design & life path reading). It was such an interesting and comforting experience; it reaffirmed a lot of the challenges I’ve been facing in my life, and it provided me with hope and clarity on how I can best tackle some of them. Camille was so kind and interesting to speak with and I look forward to working with her again in the future🙂

Thank you again Camille !

Valérie Walsh

I had the most incredible experience with Camille. The way she greeted me made me feel right at home. Her energy creates a safe space for you to be yourself & experience healing in a whole new light. She used Oracle cards to help me find meaning in my journey & encourage me to move forward by embracing the art of letting go. She also performed vibrational sound healing which helped me feel so relaxed & zen. She gave me the gift of peace through her reading & helping me interpret the messages of the Universe. Overall it was incredibly memorable & helpful & I would recommend it to anyone ❤️

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