Live a Life of Purpose through Spiritual Expansion & Interdimensional Healing

About Consciousness Guidance

Hi, I’m Camille

I am an interdimensional guide, here to assist you into the process of remembrance and alchemization of your Soul Mission

I was given the task and mission, from Source, in this lifetime, to help my brothers and sisters to remember their purpose, their blueprint, their mission in this reality, allowing and empowering them to put their gifts, skills, talents and passions to good use, in order to help and make this world a better place to live and evolve.

I overcame depression, boredom and stagnation in my life by working on discovering, or should I say, Remembering, my purpose. Doing and living what I love most every single day.

Live a Life of Purpose:
Aligned, Fulfilled and Empowered

Consciousness Guidance is a Montreal based Coaching and Guidance business, founded by Camille Lalande. Its mission is to help you improve your life by guiding you through your remembrance. Guiding you inwards to address your pain points and challenges by navigating through your childhood and previous lives. Making sure to highlight your purpose as a being of light in the Era of the Great Awakening.

Working on an interdimensional level to heal and expand your physical, karmic, emotional, social, spiritual and mental experience. Your soul chose to be here in this lifetime and if you found this profile today it is because you are about to dive into a life changing experience that will help you expand and meet your higher self once again.

My Personal Development Journal

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  • Undated “To Do Lists” to keep track of your daily tasks
  • Long Term Goals Lists to keep your projects in sight
  • Journaling Section to track your progress in life, empty your mind & release your emotions
  • Joyful prioritizing, a feminine approach to planning and productivity for more fun and happiness!
  • A full section about the Moon Phases to help you make good use of their energy
  • Life Path Numbers explained to help you know yourself and find your Life Purpose
  • Section on Life Priortities to help you plan your time wisely, according to what really matters to you
  • Fun, beautiful and magical, just like you!

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Soul Life purpose Remembrance Workshop Consciousness Guidance Camille Lalande

Soul Purpose Remembrance

You are here because you are answering a call to fulfill you Life Mission, without having to sacrifice your Authenticity and Joy in the process.

Interdimensional Healing Chakras Energy Points Mind Body Spirit Camille Lalande Maolibox Consciousness Guidance Montreal Canada

Interdimensional Healing

Are you tired of Western medicine? Of being told that taking pills will help you and make you feel better? Are you tired of relying on doctors for your own health, happiness & well-being?

If you want to take control over your life again and become your own healer, this course is for you!

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