Coaching Containers

Whether you are ready for a big transformation and a long term commitment or you simply want to experience a single session to feel how it is to work together, all options are good. 

Browse through my different containers and book me to start your Initiation!

A 90 minute one-on-one Ceremonial Initiation Session to help you release confusion, stagnation and overwhelm with the help of both spiritual and practical tools so that you have the clarity and trust to take your next aligned step on the journey to LIVING your soul purpose.

A 12 week one-on-one interdimensional coaching journey to draw the portrait of your soul and uncover your natural gifts, talents, interests in order to find (or create!) the job that aligns with your soul mission and DNA so you feel fulfilled and excited to go to work every day.

From 1 day, to 12 months of feminine cycles and circles, shared with your sisters, to help you stay on track with your spiritual and business practices. Mastermind, the feminine way.

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