Live a life of purpose

A 12 week one-on-one interdimensional coaching journey to draw the portrait of your soul and uncover your natural gifts, talents, interests in order to find (or create!) the job that aligns with your soul mission and DNA so you feel fulfilled and excited to go to work every day.

  • We will draw the portrait of your soul and decode it to better innderstand you (Astro birth chart, life path, human design)
  • Find or create the job that aligns with your soul mission and DNA (career shift)
  • Discover new tools to help you set clear goals, materialize and alchemize your mission and vision into reality


  • Remember your gifts, talents, abilities, skills and interests, showing you the way towards your soul mission. What were you designed for?
  • Feel at peace knowing that below all your labels and titles you know who you are
  • Feel fulfilled and self-actualized on a day to day basis, by doing what your heart has always sang for.
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During this 12 weeks interdimensional journey, we will travel back into childhood, young adulthood and your present life, in order to remember who you are as a being of light in the Era of the Great Awakening. What is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime? We shall find out, for you to live a life of alignment, fulfillment, empowerment and expansion.

A 12 week one-on-one interdimensional journey to travel through your life, past, present and future, to remember who you truly are as a being of light in the Era of the Great Awakening and discover your authentic soul’s purpose in this lifetime so that you can find the job or create the business and career that matches your soul mission, a path that will be fulfilling and exciting every single day of your life, while helping the world with your unique gifts and manifesting abundance in your life. 

Yes, we’re gonna go deep into your childhood and past lives, travel to the cosmic depths and back, but don’t worry, I’m grounded in THIS reality and the ultimate goal is to bring you to a sense of wholeness and fulfillment in this body at this time on this earth. Ultimately we will take all this information encoded in your DNA to help you find the career that best suits who you truly are.


  • Allow yourself to be guided through the remembrance process
  • Surrender to the experience and leave the ego at the door, we’re in for a deep soul searching journey
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and any labels that don’t serve you. Are you camera shy or afraid to speak your mind and heart? If you have been labeled or labeled yourself as “the shy one”, you can just as well relabel yourself the “confident, outgoing, charismatic and magnetic one”. Relabel yourself the confident one and anchor that new reality in, through positive affirmations, energy work and by using tangible and concrete tools for self-discipline and time management, while respecting joyful prioritization. Are you up for it?  
  • Reconnect to your: passions, interests, talents and skills
  • Personality test, Astrology Reading, Human Design, Life Path Number, Archetypes and more
  • Designing your life and rewriting your story. Choosing Empowering Beliefs and bringing those beliefs, dreams, visions and blueprints into your physical reality, become the alchemist for the life you envision for yourself.

“Freedom starts within”

You chose to be here and now

Your soul chose to come back in this lifetime and timeline, as the being of light you are, to bring back the knowledge, skills, gifts and talents the world needs in order to heal and ascend. We all came here and now with a mission and purpose, sharing with one another, to make this world a better place to live in. As a collective, our purpose is to understand and develop the power of our spirit.

Are you ready to remember and rediscover “who” you are? What is your true purpose in this lifetime?

Are you ready to share your gifts, talents and skills with the world?

Right now, the only thing blocking you from remembering and reconnecting to your soul’s purpose is: the limiting beliefs handed down to you that you have accepted as true, the limiting beliefs that you have allowed others to impose on you. During the upcoming weeks, we will work on breaking those limiting beliefs, deconditioning, shedding layers of your old self that no longer serve you through different healing modalities and processes.. I am here to guide, assist and share the knowledge with you. This is my calling, my purpose and vocation.
  • Remember your gifts, talents, abilities, skills and interests, showing you the way towards your soul mission. What were you designed for?
  • Feel at peace knowing that below all your labels and titles you know who you are
  • Feel fulfilled and self-actualized on a day to day basis, by doing what your heart has always sang for.
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“The new world is here and now — Change is needed and there is no more time. Action is required, you have to act, the world needs you, me, us, light workers, in order to shift the collective consciousness, ascend into the 5th dimension and bring peace and balance to the Earth.”

The 5th dimension is happening just as you’re reading this. It’s not in the future, not somewhere in particular. It’s another timeline where you exist as a higher version of yourself, simultaneously as in this 3d reality. In the 5d; you have empowering beliefs, you feel and are lighter, you need less to be more, you are living in alignment with your truth and with others.

Hi, I’m Camille

I am an interdimensional guide, here to assist you into the process of remembrance and alchemization of your Soul Mission

I was given the task and mission, from Source, in this lifetime, to help my brothers and sisters to remember their purpose, their blueprint, their mission in this reality, allowing and empowering them to put their gifts, skills, talents and passions to good use, in order to help and make this world a better place to live and evolve.

I overcame depression, boredom and stagnation in my life by working on discovering, or should I say, Remembering, my purpose. Doing and living what I love most every single day.

This program was created for you to rediscover and remember who you are and what you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime in order to live your life authentically and to find happiness and peace. 

The events of the past years reinforced the feeling of “nonsense” in regards to the way of living life in the 3D. It made many of us realize that we are more than numbers, employees, resources and a part of the old world. People are remembering that they are sovereign, energetic and spiritual beings living a human experience.

You are more than a title, a label, a character and an avatar. When you are no longer a mother, a doctor, a student, a healer … who are you? At a soul level, ethereally speaking.

The day I understood that the key to unlock freedom, happiness and expansion was to reconnect to one’s purpose, I went on a quest to rediscover mine. Almost a decade later, I decided to share this journey, the lessons, teachings, tools and experience I have gathered along the way, in order to help those around me who are on the same quest of innerstanding.

If you want to understand the secrets of the Universe, as would say Tesla, you must think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. This is exactly how we will go about this journey to guide you towards your soul mission; understanding yourself as an energetic being and tuning yourself into the frequency that matches the version of you and life that you wish to embody and live.

In 3 shorts months, you will feel like you have lived 9 months on “fast forward”

  • Knowing and remembering who you are; soulfully, physically and mentally.

  • Having a deep understanding of who you are beyond the physical and material reality, beyond labels and titles.

  • Having faith in yourself, natural abilities, gifts, talents and sharing them with the world.

  • Designing a plan to put into action for what is to come next in order to live a fulfilling and exciting life, aligned with your soul mission.

Stepping Stones

Your cosmic journey with me is entirely crafted and designed according to you, your needs and aspirations. Your soul mission, your purpose and your design are unique, and so is this adventure you’re about to dive into.

Stepping Stone 1: Deconditioning

Let’s dive into your story and remember your childhood, early adulthood, and tap into your talents, skills and gifts, understanding your past (not only in this lifetime, but also in previous lives) and your natural abilities. Beneath the conditioning, who were you? What did you like? What were you good at? Let’s dig out the pure and authentic gem out of the conditioning, pains and generational baggage that the physical world has sprinkled over you.

Stepping Stone 2: Innerstanding

Gaining clarity on who you are “now”. Beyond your story, who are you now? What has made you “you”? Personality tests, astrology, human design and more tools are helping us “innerstand” you as a being of the light and understand why you are the way you are and how this can serve you and the world in this lifetime. This stage of our journey together is bringing a lot of clarity about your purpose, mission and identity beyond traditional labels.

Stepping Stone 3: The Alchemist

Understanding your role and position in this Quantum Reality is extremely important, because it will allow you to create or find your vibrational match  —  whether it be finding a job that matches your soul’s purpose or creating it for yourself. Let’s put into application the intangible. Allow your actions to match your words and your vision. Bring the blueprint of your purpose into reality and alchemize it. The Alchemist materializes ideas, the intangible into physicality, into our material reality, shifting your essence and purpose into a career, job or business.

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After this Journey you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of who you are as a human and “being of the light”

  • Be fully aware of your skills, talents, passions and interests.

  • Know what are your next steps towards manifesting your most compatible career, whether it be a job or you creating your own job.

  • Be at peace with your identity, to its core

I will also be sharing with you:

  • Documents, notes, workbooks related to our sessions together

  • Intuitive guidance, readings and downloads.

  • Sound healing and other healing modalities and therapies.

Let’s take the leap together so that you can be and do what you were meant to be and do, here and now.

I can’t wait to receive your application and start diving deep with you on this journey of remembrance and expansion

Camille was an exceptional coach to work with, her energy is unique and one-of-a-kind, she really takes her time to explain everything and is so intuitive; she could pick up on exactly how I was feeling when it was hard for me to describe it. She dives deep and works with you to find the root cause of the issues. She doesn’t do all the work for you, she gives you all the tools you need so that YOU can help yourself grow. She is so different from other coaches that I’ve had before because she genuinely cares about your well-being and about helping you achieve what you came here for and she wants you to succeed at it. If you’re thinking about working with Camille but have never had a life coach before and you feel like you need a push in the right direction, I highly suggest you to book a consultation with Camille because she will make you feel like the sky is the limit once you are ready to fly.

Zineb Ahourri

HR Conscious

I asked Camille for her amazing coaching services and she really was there in a time in my life where I was so lost and when I needed her help the most. She brought so much guidance, insight, information and support for my personal growth and my business. In my first session she had asked me where I see myself in a year and I had no idea what to answer to that. Now with her help I can confidently say that I started my own business. Her journal also helped me organize my life and set my priorities straight! Her intuitively guided readings were also on point. She is an amazing hostess when it comes to spiritual retreats and in general a great organizer, helper and an amazing genuine woman! I highly recommend Camille and her services. I’m super satisfied. Thank you for all, Love and Wholeness ❤️

Ines Merabet

Reiki Elements

Testimonial Coming Up soon

Ceddrric Delaney

Sacral Guidance

Testimonial Coming Up soon

Myriam Lalande

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