Soul Guidance Ceremonial Initiation Session

A 90 minute one-on-one Ceremonial Initiation Session to help you release confusion, stagnation and overwhelm with the help of both spiritual and practical tools so that you have the clarity and trust to take your next aligned step on the journey to LIVING your soul purpose.

  • We will assess you in your present situation and find out how you really are feeling in each aspect of your life and why.
  • Find out about your past life, innate abilities and skills, to better understand your strengths.
  • Find out about your future and destiny, to better understand the challenges and aspects of yourself you will have to overcome in order to reach your highest potential in this lifetime.


  • Card pull for guidance and clarity
  • Sound bath for surrender, flow and reconnecting with source and the present moment
  • Remember how to make connection with the divine and become your own psychic and receive the answers to your questions and the guidance you need in your life.
Ceremonial Initiation Session Soul Guidance Single Session Coaching Spiritual Business Clarity Life Camille Lalande Consciousness Guidance Montreal Canada Shaman Curandera Medicine Woman

During this 90 minutes interdimensional journey, we will travel back into your past life and look at your destiny in this current lifetime, in order to understand which gifts and natural abilities you came here with and which challenges and obstacles you will have to overcome in order to live in alignment with your mission, purpose and design.

  • Allow yourself to be guided through this initiation session, starting with an oracle card pull to set your intention and claim that you are ready for the next step of this journey.
  • Surrender to the experience and speak from your heart; what are you currently happy about, or not in your life and why?
  • Reconnect with your natural abilities and acknowledge the challenges that need to be overcome in order to tap fully into your gifts.
  • Learn some new tips and tools (both spiritual and practical) to overcome those challenges and work with them and not against them.
  • Drawing a map with the steps for you to take according to where you are at right now in your life. We will figure out your next step together to get you closer to your goals and mission.

“I am my own guide, my own spiritual leader and my own medium”

The Heart is the Key to the Truth

Whenever you are seeking answers and the truth, remember that the heart is ALWAYS the key. You have all the answers and the secrets of the Universe within you. And the only way to tap into this ocean of knowledge and information is to TRUST and SURRENDER. Trust that you have the abilities and that you are worthy of receiving divine guidance.

Are you ready to tap into your gifts, to fully trust and receive divine guidance?

Are you ready to discover your next steps in order to walk towards your destiny with clarity and ease?

Right now, the only thing blocking you from knowing what are your next steps and having a clear map of the journey ahead of you is your trust and confidence in your natural abilities, gifts and talents. During this single initiation session, I will guide you in a self-assessment of your life in all of its aspects, you will come to understand your past life and the gifts it has granted you in this lifetime through astrology, understand your destiny and the challenges you will have to face moving towards it and finally we will draw a map of the next steps you will be taking, always guided by YOUR truth.

I am here to guide, assist and share the knowledge with you. But the goal is to help YOU learn to trust yourself.

This is my calling, my purpose and vocation.

Ceremonial Initiation Session Soul Guidance Single Session Coaching Spiritual Business Clarity Life Camille Lalande Consciousness Guidance Montreal Canada Shaman Curandera Medicine Woman

“As Above, so Below. When you heal, grow and expand, so does the Collective. Trust your Intuitive abilities and your Gifts and take those Steps towards your Destiny and Soul Mission.”

Ceremonial Initiation Session Soul Guidance Single Session Coaching Spiritual Business Clarity Life Camille Lalande Consciousness Guidance Montreal Canada Shaman Curandera Medicine Woman

Hi, I’m Camille

I am an interdimensional guide, here to assist you into the process of remembrance and alchemization of your Soul Mission

I was given the task and mission, from Source, in this lifetime, to help my brothers and sisters to remember their purpose, their blueprint, their mission in this reality, allowing and empowering them to put their gifts, skills, talents and passions to good use, in order to help and make this world a better place to live and evolve.

I overcame depression, boredom and stagnation in my life by working on discovering, or should I say, Remembering, my purpose. Doing and living what I love most every single day.

This single initiation session was designed for you to have a taste of what it feels to be guided by me in unlocking and remembering who you came here to be.

It will help you get in touch with your true authentic self and give you an honest assessment about your current situation and what actions you can take to head in a direction that will feel most aligned and fulfilling to you

The day I understood that I had the power to channel messages from source and connect to the divine, my life completely shifted. I used to relinquish my power and hand it over to mediums, psychics and gurus, thinking they knew better or that only them were worthy of channeling such energy.

Everything starts within, the only person who can decide to make your life shift is you. Take your power back, embrace your gifts and let the guidance come through.

Let’s get you on your path in 90 minutes

  • Card pull: Connect to your intuition and self-guidance

  • North node / south node astrology reading: Diving into your purpose based on past lifetimes and seeing the horizon towards which you are moving.

  • Life Direction Assessment:  Assess yourself and your life in all aspects; how do you feel and why to establish your next step in a clear and tangible  way with all that was discussed and revealed in session

  • Mini sound bath to integrate

Stepping Stones

Your cosmic journey with me is entirely crafted and designed according to you, your needs and aspirations. Your soul mission, your purpose and your design are unique, and so is this adventure you’re about to dive into.

Stepping Stone 1: Intuition

Allow yourself to tap into your intuition. Connect with the source and claim your power as a channel and a vessel for the divine to come through. Ask for guidance and you shall receive.

Stepping Stone 2: Past Life and Destiny

Gain clarity on why you are the way you are. Where are you coming from? In this lifetime, you are coming with baggage, gifts and natural abilities, in part from your past lives. Understand how they can benefit you on your way towards living your most aligned life. 

Stepping Stone 3: Life Direction Assessment:

How are you feeling in each aspect of your life at the moment? Be honest with yourself. What do you think it is? What can we do in order for you to feel fulfilled in all aspects? We will draw a map, direction and steps for you to take to move towards this improved and heightened version of your own life.

Ceremonial Initiation Session Soul Guidance Single Session Coaching Spiritual Business Clarity Life Camille Lalande Consciousness Guidance Montreal Canada Shaman Curandera Medicine Woman

After this initiation you will:

  • Have a better understanding of where you are at right now and where you should be heading next, your next step.

  • Be fully aware of your skills, talents, passions and interests coming from your previous lives and how to use them to move towards your destined purpose.

  • Know what are your next steps in your spiritual, physical and soulpreneurial development.

Let’s take the leap together so that you can be and do what you were meant to be and do, here and now

I can’t wait to be working with you on this initiation guidance session.

Testimonial Camille Lalande Consciousness Guidance Victoria Baghadian

Camille helped me reconnect with myself during a moment where I felt lost and consumed by darkness. She was loving, professional, and created an safe container where I trusted her, felt secure to surrender and fully release.

Coming out of a dark place, the immense relief I felt after my ceremony with Camille was life changing.

I am forever grateful to Camille for guiding me through my journey and holding me in a way that I felt fully seen, safe, and free to move through my traumas and overcome them together.

I left our session feeling lighter, fulfilled, and aligned with my purpose. Thank you Camille from the bottom of my heart, I can’t wait for more healing sessions with you!

Victoria Baghdian

Yoga Instructor

Camille has this gift to give you what you really need and not just what you want to hear. She is highly adaptable to the needs of each individual human being by the way she interacts to you during her reading. We feel secure and willing to speak our truth. She is really passionate and talented at what she does. You can't go wrong to consult her because you will grow from it! 100% sure!!
The sound healing was powerful and you can totally let go and unwind, one word MAGICAL.

Julie Michelet

Testimonial Camille Lalande Consciousness Guidance Julie Michelet
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