Moonmind Sisterhood Moon Circle

From 1 day, to 12 months of feminine cycles and circles, shared with your sisters, to help you stay on track with your spiritual and business practices. Mastermind, the feminine way.

  • The moon is your reminder and your ally when it comes to consistency and discipline. No matter if you show up or not, she will. She gracefully dances through each phase of her cycle, no matter what. It is the perfect informal schedule and feminine calendar. She shares with you her discipline and consistency, so that you can harness her energy and make the most out of it. If you ever feel like weeks and months pass by and you barely have time to do anything else but work, cook, sleep and repeat… These sisterhood evenings will help you “make” the time you deserve to slow down and take a deeper look at your entire self.
  • We make time, 2 evenings per month, to pause, reconnect and check in with ourselves. This sacred moment of yours is there to remind you the importance to fall back into your spiritual practices and to look at where you are at in all aspects of your life. It is a Rendezvous with yourself and your sisters. When we feel good within, it spreads outwards and ripples in all spheres of our lives. As within, so without. When we postpone or cancel ceremonies, rituals and “me” time, we send our higher-self the message that we are not worthy of it. We always have time, but we have to choose wisely how we will use it.
  • This circle approach (Inspired from the Mastermind) is perfect for exchanging ideas, gifts, talents and passions. Helping one another reach our goals and milestones. Community and co-creation is so important. And as women, who are intuitively inclined to “give”, it is important to be able to receive and have a healthy energy exchange with others to generate more flow in our lives. Have you ever thought or saud “I wish I had friends that would show up for me the way I show up for others”? If it’s the case, let me reassure you. There are other incredible, gifted, giving, generous, smart and empowered women out there who are looking to connect with people just like you.
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What’s on the menu

  • Moon Phase Energy and Highlights

  • Exercise for this specific moon phase (ritual)

  • Moonmind circle (sisterhood exchanges)

  • Closing circle

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Client Love

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I absolutely LOVE this journal! I love how there are tons of suggestions on self-care & personal development, as well as space to record ideas, plan out my business & school, and learn about the moon phases and my life path! It’s a portable magical toolkit everyone needs!

Laura Verbich

Laura 🌶❤️‍🔥 she/they 🧿✨💕🏳️‍🌈🕯 Sexuality & Women’s Studies undergrad at CU 📚

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