What happens when the heart chakra is blocked?

What happens when the heart chakra is blocked ?

In a world so frenetic and in constant movement, where technology, work, study and routine consume us, most people ignore something very important: their spiritual well-being. Beyond physical health, mental and emotional balance is indispensable to live fully.

And let alone the great chaos that the pandemic has caused this past year, damaging thousands of people spiritually. But leaving this aside, many, throughout their lives, have experienced strong negative emotions, even before this global crisis.

Love frustration, grudges, trust issues, emotional repression, avoidance of relationships, anxiety and attachment to the past? All these “symptoms” (even if they seem scattered) are connected to a common problem, linked to the heart chakra.

If you have recognized any of these signs in your life lately, your heart chakra is blocked. This, in addition to impeding the flow of energy through your body, generates many emotional conflicts and difficulties in relating to others.

Living with pain, loneliness and disappointment is not healthy, neither physically nor mentally speaking, just imagine how many people in the world feel empty and unloved! And if you feel this way, it is first necessary that you recover the spiritual balance of your heart chakra, to begin the changes in your life.

So, if you are interested in learning more about this topic, then you are in the right place! As Maolibox, a leading coaching and personal development organization in Montreal, we will explain here what happens when your heart chakra is blocked.

We will also give you some solutions and ideas, so that you can achieve emotional balance and fulfillment in your life. Remember that your spiritual well-being is just as important! Learn with us to love yourself and others! Be happy and find harmony with us!

Let’s get started!

The heart chakra, damage caused by blockage

Chakras are centers or “energy wheels” found in our bodies. You have probably already heard of them. There are seven chakras located in your body (from your head to the base of your spine). These wheels allow the proper flow of Qi (energy) throughout your being.

All chakras have a specific function in the different parts of the body where they are located. They are also related to emotions and sensations in the great energetic network of our bodies. Therefore, the balance of each one is equally important for our well-being and fulfillment.

However, chakras can easily become blocked or obstructed by negative emotions or harmful experiences. This causes energy not to flow as it should, affecting the vitality of your body. Even the blockage of a chakra can diminish your physical and mental health.

One of the wheels most susceptible to energetic blockage is the heart chakra. Known as “Anahata,” it is located in the center of the heart. It is the fourth chakra associated with love, connections and the color green. When it is blocked, your happiness and relationships are severely impaired.

The energy of the heart chakra begins in the center and expands through the chest. It also acts as a bridge between the earthly and higher aspirations. This wheel motivates and moves love. However, a blockage can result in a lack of compassion and empathy, for yourself and others.

When the Anahata is closed, a person suffers in a constant cycle of contempt, rejection and self-destructive behaviors. This will eventually undermine your harmony, contribute to higher levels of stress, a higher risk of disease, and the deterioration of friendships or love bonds.

Symptoms and consequences of a heart chakra blockage

The main emotion, which causes an energetic blockage in the heart chakra, is pain. This can derive from negative or very traumatic experiences, which involved a heavy burden on the body and mind. When something like this happens, the energy flow is blocked and love stops flowing through your being.

And since love is the emotion that supplies the most energy in the spiritual network, without it your well-being will be unbalanced. But how can you identify a blockage? Is there a way to know? The answer is yes. An energetic blockage manifests itself through physical and emotional problems.

These signs can go unnoticed, or most people ignore their feelings and choose to bury their declining mood. So, in order for you to recognize the consequences and harms of a blocked heart chakra, let’s review some of its symptoms:

  1. You feel lonely and isolated. You are defensive and feel disconnected from other people.
  2. You withdraw from others and run away from any love relationship, or with your friends.
  3. You are unable to give and receive love, which generates hopelessness or a feeling of rejection.
  4. You stay stuck in the past and hold a lot of grudges.
  5. You experience trust issues and jealousy.
  6. You feel afraid, depressed or anxious for a long time.
  7. You repress all your emotions, especially the negative ones.
  8. You do not feel happy with your current state.
  9. You are not able to commit yourself emotionally to another person.
  10. You have heart or respiratory conditions, such as high blood pressure, poor circulation or breathing difficulties.

This is what usually happens when your heart chakra is blocked. As you can see, the consequences are very serious for your physical and mental balance. You are not only hurting yourself, but also others. And in addition to altering your well-being, your work or professional relationships may be affected.

What can I do to restore the heart chakra?

What can I do to restore the heart chakra?

If you want to get out of the spiral of contempt, loneliness and inability to feel love, you still have time! Don’t let all the negativity continue to darken your life, it’s time to release and open your heart chakra! And the good news is that unlocking it is very simple.

With some alternative practices, changes in your routine and a different approach to thinking, you will be able to restore the flow of energy from your heart to your entire body. So, let’s review some techniques and tips you can follow to achieve spiritual well-being and Anahata balance:

Guide to unblock the heart chakra

Guide to unblock the heart chakra
  • Think positive. Start by changing your mindset, and see yourself as a person worthy of love and capable of giving love as well.
  • Practice gratitude. Be grateful for life, people and things that make you feel good. You can keep a list or journal of good deeds.
  • Prepare drinks that help you open your heart, such as rose tea and pure chocolate.
  • Surround yourself with family, friends and people who love you. Let them know that you love them and try to show more affection towards them, with details and noble gestures.
  • Undergo massage or relaxation therapies. Reiki is an excellent method to restore energy flow.
  • Reconcile with those people with whom you have a grudge. In this way, the pain of the past that blocks the fourth chakra will disappear.
  • Practice yoga. This physical discipline is perfect for unblocking the Anahata, with different postures. It will also allow you to relax.
  • Practice meditation. This relaxation technique will help you feel fulfilled and meditate on the important things in your life.
  • Say affirmations every day that free your heart. Make yourself feel loved with your own words.
  • Wear green clothing and accessories. You can wear healing crystals, gemstones such as emerald or jade, and tourmaline necklaces. If they are heart-shaped, all the better!
  • Join charitable causes or volunteer for an organization, to release your fears.
  • Engage in stimulating activities that you are passionate about: music, dancing, painting or drawing – whatever pleases you to open your heart more!

Unblock your heart chakra with MaoliBox!

Now that you know what happens when the heart chakra is blocked, what are you waiting for to recognize the symptoms of a blockage and act? If you feel that your life is empty, and full of emotional conflicts, do not hesitate to apply the tips seen here, to restore the energetic balance of your being.

Remember that your spiritual balance is very important for you to have a full life. And if you want to unblock your Anahata, we can help you! At MaoliBox we are specialists in personal and emotional development. Whatever problem you are facing, we will deal with it!

With our chakra healing course, you will feel happy again and full of love to share! Our experts will instruct you on everything related to the chakras, and their link to your body and mind. At the end of this course, you will learn how to lead a more stable and fulfilling life.

As a company, we also offer you in our store a variety of products that will help you achieve a better spiritual balance, from books, accessories and more. You can find us in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, and we will be happy to help you!

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us! You can also learn about more interesting topics of personal and spiritual development on our blog. And if you want to know more about our products and services, contact us by clicking on the link below!

At MaoliBox our priority is your well-being and harmony, find your purpose and happiness with us!

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