As far as I can remember, I have always had digestive problems. Meat, cheese, dairy, sugar… pretty much everything gives me a hard time down there 😅 If you are like me, eating can even become scary and unpleasant at times. I have tried a loooot of different grandma tips and almost nothing seems to work.

With time, I have learned to cook some meals that I digest well, such as tempeh sautés, tofu curries, lentil soups, bock choy salads, and much more. I feel much better since I research more about the ingredients and foods I choose. But this article is not so much about food, it’s more about DETOX.


At night, you turn off your computer, maybe even your cellphone. You turn off the lights in your house, you turn off the TV when you’re done watching it. As insane as this may seem, our body never goes off. So what happens to our organs then? They never get to rest, to reset, to recharge. We feed our body 365 days per year, without ever letting it take a break.

Why not give it a break? Did you know that giving some time to your bowels and stomach to rest can be very beneficial. There are many ways to give that break to your gut, such as fasting, but the one I would like to explore is Rapid Cleanse 7 Day Program. 

This 7 Day Detox Program is supposed to eliminate the toxins accumulated in you bowel. Eliminating the toxins should help one feeling more energized and light. It should also improve digestion and nutrients absorption. 

This program is composed of three different products you need to ingest throughout the day, composed of:

• Advanced herbal formula

• Magnesium

• Acacia fibe

• Vegetable capsules

• Free of gluten, dairy and soy


7-day, 3-part total-body cleansing program

Part 1: Take 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. 
Wait 30 minutes and take Part 2. 
Follow this regimen day 1 through day 7 of this program.

Part 2: Take 1 level scoop mixed in 8 ounces of purified water in the morning and 1 level scoop mixed in 8 ounces of purified water in the evening.
Stir until dissolved.
Follow with at least 8 additional ounces of purified water.
May decrease to one scoop a day if elimination is sluggish.
Take with or without food.
Follow this regimen day 1 through day 7 of this program.
Drink plenty of water while using this product.

Part 3: Take 2 capsules at night with 8 ounces of purified water, with or without food. 
If your elimination is frequent, you may wish to decrease/vary your use of Part 3.
May be taken at the same time as your evening serving of Part 2. 
Follow this regimen day 1 through day 7 of this program.


I have been feeling very tired lately and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try this Detox program. So I went to my local Health Food store and bought the 7 Day Rapid Cleanse package. Tomorrow morning, I will start the program and track the experience throughout the whole week. I am very excited to see how this will go!


I have to admit that on day 1 I thought the Detox wouldn’t work. I didn’t feel any different from usual.


Day 2 was similar to day 1, no obvious changes. Except for headaches. On day 1 and 2 I had very strong headaches, but I red the side effects list of the product and they were mentioning that it is very common.

DAY 3 

Now we’re starting to get somewhere! On that day, I woke up and right away when I opened my eyes I knew I had very few seconds to be able to get to the bathroom without an accident 😅

The part 3 supplement really activates your bowel overnight and you feel it the next morning. Everything just evacuates in a very short period of time. 

Don’t worry though! It’s not like that all day. You might need to go to the bathroom more often to pee, but that’s about it. (Because they also say in the instructions that it’s very important to drink A LOT of water).

DAY 4 – 7 

The rest of the detox went pretty much like day 3. 


 When the 7 day detox was over, I really felt good! Less tired, more concentrated and focused at work and school. I also really felt a different in my digestion. I noticed less bloating after my meals.

Would I recommend that 7 day detox program? Yes I would. I think I’ll do this detox myself more than once a year. I really felt a difference and I could even say that it improved my life overall 🙂

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