Did you know that listening to music while working out isn’t only more pleasant, but also has some benefits on the quality of your training session?

It has been proven that listening to music while working out increases your levels of stamina. It can even help to reduce pain while working out according to a study published my McGill University in 2013.

Listening to the right music with the right tempo can really increase your motivation and level of energy. A study from 2006 has shown that the ideal beat per minute for moderate intensity cardio, like cycling for example, is between 125 to 140 BPM. 

The fact that you are experiencing some pleasure while listening to your favorite upbeat music can really lead to enjoying your workout session. Even if the physical effort becomes very intense and hard to keep up with, it will feel easier and more pleasant than without music.

Before going to the gym or wherever you usually train, make sure to prepare some good upbeat music to motivate you all the way throughout your training session. If you are planning on doing some cardio, you can aim for songs with a BPM between 125 and 140.

Listening to music while working out makes the experience much more pleasant than without it. Having fun while training is very important. If you don’t have fun while doing an activity, you are less likely to keep doing it on the long run. It’s the same thing for all aspects of life: school, work, sports… The most important is to have fun!

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Music really does have an impact on: performance at work, at the gym, on the mood and much more.

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