Why is Traveling so Important?

Traveling is not all about the “gram”. Why do you travel if you do? In this article, we will explain the importance of traveling.


When we say traveling, we actually mean Traveling and not leaving on a vacation. Vacations are relaxing, help you unplug from work and allows you to live a week free of decision making. When you spend a week in an all inclusive resort, the toughest decision you have to make is to decide what you’re gonna have at the buffet for breakfast. When you travel, whether backpacking or road tripping, you put yourself in a totally different situation. A situation where you are out of your comfort zone and need to take decisions constantly. Decisions that can make your trip do a 360 degree turn.


As we were mentioning above, traveling stimulates your brain in an all different way then when you leave on an all inclusive vacation. Everytime you are moving from one place to another, you have to plan all of it spontaneously. If there’s no train until tomorrow and you’re late on your schedule, it will have to be a night bus. It’s the same thing when it comes to accommodation. Where will you be sleeping tonight? Did you book your hostel in the right city? Sometimes you will get scammed by hostels that advertise themselves as a city hostel, but are in reality located outside of the city. Those are all examples of unpredictable things that happen when you travel.

Often, when we are living our daily life in our home country, we wish we were somewhere else around the world, escaping our reality. What traveling teaches you is that wherever you are on this planet, it’s not the place you are at, it’s the people you’re with that will make your experience different. Traveling away from home for a long period of time has really taught us how to appreciate what we have here in Montreal, the people that share our lives as well and the opportunities and multiple advantages that our country has to offer. Traveling really teaches you that in order to be happy with your life, you must first learn how to be happy from inside out.

Another thing that traveling teaches us, is how to remain open minded. When you stay in the same place all your life, you can’t even imagine that things are getting done differently elsewhere. We think that everybody drinks Coca Cola and drive Toyotas. That’s just an example, but you truly realize how much variety there is on this planet. Ways of thinking and doing things that are so different from the ones we are used to see in our home country. Traveling can help you think outside the box and bring new ideas to your country from another. It’s one of the best ways to improve our lives, by grabbing bits and pieces of things learned abroad. Slowly build yourself like a Lego figurine from diversified sources.


We strongly recommend that you bring a journal to write in during your traveling journey. Since you will be experiencing so many crazy events and moments, you might want to record them in your Journal. Also, when you write about how you feel: before, during and after a trip, you realize how much you have changed in your way of thinking and living. So as you may see, traveling is not all about the “gram”. Instagram is one thing. Of course everyone wants a beautiful and impressive Instagram feed with awesome destinations. But in the end, nobody really cares. All that really matters is you, how you feel about your adventure and what you learn from it.

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