Who were you 4 years ago?

Where were you 4 years ago? Maolibox Camille Lalande Holistic Business and Life Coach Montreal

Where were you living? What were you doing? Do you remember how you were feeling?

Today my phone reminded me that 4 years ago, I was in Morocco 🇲🇦(when travelling was a thing!)l. I had gone to Spain for 7 months during a student exchange program and had taken that opportunity to visit North Africa.

Seeing that photo made me emotional and reminded me how lost I felt back then. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. That’s why I decided to leave on this adventure, hoping to find answers to my questions.

Traveling really teaches you a lot. I learned that no matter how well you plan your trip, there will always be some unexpected events and challenges to overcome. You have to be quick on your feet and ready to face just about anything you can imagine… yes, like missing your flight or getting scammed in a tourist trap 😅

But what I like the most about traveling, is exactly the same as what I like about journaling. When you look back at: where you were, how you were feeling, what your fears and challenges were, it helps you in the “now”.
It helps us face the present situation. It makes us realize how sometimes we can overreact and stress for no reason. Or sometimes, it reminds us of beautiful moments that fill us with gratitude. It helps us to recenter and find balance in the present moment.

Where were you 4 years ago? Did you write it in a journal? 📓

If not, start today and you’ll be soooo grateful to be able to read yourself in 4 years and feel proud of your journey & accomplishments!

Even though we can’t travel physically today our inner journeys are still worth taking note of.

That’s why I created the Maolibox journal! If you’re curious, head over to my link in bio to check it out ☺️

So, if you want to become the best version of yourself, discover your purpose, your mission, I can help you!

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