What is the Golden Ratio?

What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio 1.61803398875 controls structures as big as galaxies and as small as our DNA. For millennia, the golden ratio has reflected ideal equilibrium, or in almost all aspects, the most desirable proportion.Adrian Bejan, an engineer from Duke University, has considered it to be a convincing ratio for a single design rule of nature. Bejan has shown in various papers and books that the construction law demonstrates how all form and structure in nature emerge to promote flow.With the minimum of capital and energy, the designs of nature attain particular purposes, and the golden ratio is the form of the natural flow of energy.The golden ratio produces a structure that, without altering its shape, can grow in size forever. This way, the same shape occurs again and again through the size spectrum, from very small to very large. The golden ratio allows optimization of flow when it takes a direction of least resistance, such that with the least amount of time, a maximal outcome can be obtained.When approaching their prey, the golden ratio explains why falcons fly in a golden spiral direction. The golden spiral is the energy efficient flight path of least resistance for falcons.

The spirituality behind the number

 Indeed, the Constructal Law demonstrates that there is a true reason for all creation and the essence of human life that reconciles modern science with ancient scriptures and divine writings. It implies that we understand how energy essentially constitutes everything in the universe. One of energy’s most significant concepts is that it doesn’t like gaps and seeks out ways to minimize and align them. This is why energy flows out into the cooler world from where it is stored, as for the sun, sending heatwaves outwards.

The Constructal Law illustrates that the overall aim of all life is to support the flow and equilibrium of resources. The same energy laws show that finding how your energy flows best is the meaning of your own life. Although the 25 chemicals that make up your body are the same as those of all others, in and of us, the way energy is combined with them is different.You can have what is called flow or peak experiences (The feeling of oneness) when your energies flow together, centered in one direction. This feeling is like being pulled around by the movement of a sort of effortless current.

What can you get from using your energy in a more optimal way?

 This can be as easy as finding what you or your particular talents are genuinely passionate about. For everyone, how you use energy best varies. This will give a clear example of who you really are and what you do best, and your individual purpose in life, when you feel your energy flowing well.

We each have specific energy patterns, just like your fingerprints are individual. Science, and your own personal experience, shows that you work best, are happier, most passionate, most happy and even at your healthiest when your energy flows well. This is your energy in life that strengthens your individual purpose.

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