The Archangel Metatron

Shuffle the deck and click when your intuition tells you to! Let’s see what the Universe has in store for you. 

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Archangel Metatron is a powerful ally who watches over the angelic realm and serves as a bridge to Earth. Metatron is able to help with concerns in our lives, and these stunning 55 cards address situations, challenges and gifts that arise throughout life.

1 Yellow Joy and Happiness

1 Yellow - Joy and happiness

Card number 1 links to the Sun – your source of light, heat and life on this great Earth. The Masculine Energy of the Sun is strong…

2 Review and Reflection Time out needed

2 Review and Reflection - Time Out Needed

Card number 2 links to the Moon, Our Subconscious Self, the Feminine Energy, Illumination, and Reflection.

3 Creation Expansion in your life

3 Creation Expansion - In your Life

Card number 3 links to the planet Jupiter, Growth, Abundance, Blessings, and Unlimited Resource.

4 Letting go Time for Release

4 Letting Go - Time for Release

Card number 4 links to the planet Uranus and the nature of change and adapting to unexpected events.

5 Communication Speak up and be heard

5 Communication - Speak up and be heard

Card number 5 links to the planet Mercury, which rules Communication and Mental Powers.

6 Love relationships and harmony

6 Love - Relationships and Harmony

Card number 6 links to the planet Venus – the planet of Love, Harmony, and Beauty. Venus also links into the goddess energy of fertility, sexuality, and victory.

7 Water emotional well-being

7 Water - Emotional Well-Being

Card number 7 links to the planet Neptune, helping you dive into your imagination and intuition as well as the land of dreams.

8 Leadership Answer the call

8 Leadership - Answer the Call

Card number 8 links to the planet Saturn, which concerns duty, responsibility, security, and discipline – all qualities needed for good leadership.

9 Action movement needed

9 Action - Movement Needed

Card number 9 is supported by the energy of Mars, planet of Action and Dynamic movement.

10 New Dawn Welcome Back

10 New Dawn - Welcome Back

The journey has been long, and the challenges hard, but you come now to the end of these difficulties ready to start anew.

11 Wake up call listen and take note

11 Wake Up Call - Listen and Take Note

Card number 11 links to the planet Pluto and rebirth. It also relates to the 11:11 coded wake-up call programmed to make us sit up and take notice of spirit.

12 Akashic Records - Evaluation and Review

12 Akashic Records - Evaluation and Review

All you have done, been, seen, or experienced is recorded in the hall of Akashic Records.

13 Air fly free

13 Air - Fly Free

Breathe in the air today and really feel it expanding your lungs.

14 Boundaries set them daily

14 Boundaries - Set Them Daily

Every day as the sun rises you have an opportunity to set your personal boundaries for the day.

15 Clarity Go within

15 Clarity - Go within

You seek clarity now and something that is bothering you and making you feel out of balance.

16 Gold cup of replenishment

16 Gold - Cup of Replenishment

Are you in touch with your Golden state that lies within?

17 Conquering fear starts today

17 Conquering Fear - Starts Today

Fear makes you feel small, fragile, threatened, and unable to take the next steps. You may also feel isolated, and yet you are not alone – many angels surround you, wishing to help.

18 Mother Earth Grounding and support

18 Mother Earth - Grounding and Support

Your attention is drawn to the need to ground your energies into the Earth.

19 Fire Dragon's strength

19 Fire - Dragon's Strength

One of the most powerful allies in this deck – the Metatron Fire Dragon – roars into your life, giving you strenght, courage, and fortification.

20 Cosmos Mirrors you

20 Cosmos - Mirrors You

What you feel as random, chaotic, and disjointed in your world is a result of your scattered thoughts, words, and feelings that you have sent out into the greater universe, either consciously or unconsciously.

21 Indigo Mystery and Mastery of Life

21 Indigo - Mystery and Mastery of Life

Indigo holds mystery and beckons you into its embrace to reveal the meaning of existence and the meaning of you.

22 Archangel Sandalphon with you now

22 Archangel Sandalphon - With You Now

Master Number 22 brings in the energy of Archangel Sandalphon – Metatron’s angelic other half – for you now.

23 Duality Balance Needed

23 Duality - Balance Needed

You are asked to look at the need for balance in your life now.

24 Orange Connection and attunement

24 Orange - Connection and Attunement

Pulling this card is asking you to listen to Metatron’s voice speaking directly to you here.

25 Passion Love for Life

25 Passion - Love for Life

You are reminded to seek which makes you truly happy.

26 Pink Self Love and Nurture

26 Pink - Self Love and Nurture

Pink as a color energy reminds you to nurture and love yourself. Only by doing so can you begin to open up tp all that you deserve to receive.

27 Metatron Rainbow Bridge Always Open

27 Metatron Rainbow - Bridge Always Open

The Rainbow Bridge is never closed…It is always open and offers a portal through which you can be in touch with those you have loved but have not passed over.

28 Karma Untying the knots

28 Karma - Untying the knots

Drawing this cards implies that what you inquire about is linked into a Karmic energy, which may be why things are particularly challenging right now.

29 Blue Madonna and Mothering

29 Blue - Madonna and Mothering

The numbers 2 and 9 make 11 – a Master Number – linking to the Divine Feminine energy that is here with you now.

30 Silver Warrior of the light

30 Silver - Warrior of the light

You are being asked to be one of Archangel Metatron’s Warriors of the Light. To do so will require strength, dedication, compassion, and to always deal in the truth.

31 Transformation Light and dark

31 Transformation - Light and dark

Which figure on this card do you relate to? The dark shadow of your own fear? Or the empowered, light-filled divine you?

32 Tree of life travel on

32 Tree of Life - Travel On

You have drawn the Tree of Life card to remind you that life is both a journey from spirit to Earth and from Earth back to spirit.

33 Dimensional Gateway An invitation

33 Dimensional Gateway - An Invitation

Master Number 33 is linked to Crystalline Light and Higher Powers.

34 Ancestors Appreciation and healing

34 Ancestors - Appreciation and Healing

Our ancestors live on through us and within us.

35 Kundalini untapped energy

35 Kundalini - Untapped Energy

Think about the amount of untapped, unused energy at your disposal.

36 Inner child hear and know me

36 Inner Child - Hear and Know Me

Stop for a moment…Someone is calling and you have drowned out their cries for long enough. This is the voice of your inner child – often ignored, and sometimes unknown, neglected, or pushed aside.

37 Detach from drama Look up!

37 Detach from Drama - Look up!

38 Chakra Light body

38 Chakra - Light Body

39 Green Heart Healing

39 Green - Heart Healing

40 Evolution Birthing the new

40 Evolution - Birthing the New

41 As above so below heaven and earth

41 As Above So Below - Heaven and Earth

42 Go with the flow paddle on

42 Go with the Flow - Paddle On

43 Healing pause to receive

43 Healing - Pause to Receive

44 Beacon shine on

44 Beacon - Shine On

45 Endings you are held

45 Endings - You are Held

46 Authentic self who are you

46 Authentic Self - Who Are You

47 Blessings and thanks abundant universe

47 Blessings and Thanks - Abundant Universe

48 The void retreat rest pause

48 The Void - Retreat Rest Pause

49 Family circles of life

49 Family - Circles of Life

50 Signs from spirit with love

50 Signs from Spirit - With Love

52 Priorities Building blocks for life

52 Priorities - Building Blocks for Life

53 Codependency Key to freedom

53 Codependency - Key to Freedom

54 Lilac Higher Realms and magic

54 Lilac - Higher Realms and Magic

55 Red safety strength and power

55 Red - Safety Strength and Power

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