Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Single One-on-One Session with Camille

During this 90 minutes interdimensional journey, we will travel back into your past life and look at your destiny in this current lifetime, in order to understand which gifts and natural abilities you came here with and which challenges and obstacles you will have to overcome in order to live in alignment with your mission, purpose and design. 🖤

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Transformational 90 min Ceremonial Workshop

Learn the ancient practice & art of Qi Gong through this 90 min Ceremonial Workshop hosted by Qi Gong Master Kim Du Trinh & Medicine Woman Camille Lalande, at Crystal Dreams Laval


This workshop has been designed to help you reconnect with your inner-medicine woman / man

Allowing you to tap into your personal power to prevent, maintain and heal your body, mind and spirit & to live in alignment with your higher-self


One person, Special for 2


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