Life and Soul Purpose Remembrance π“‚€ Masterclass

Live a Life of Purpose Aligned Fulfilled and Authentic Maolibox Camille Lalande Coaching Spiritual Guidance Remembrance
Live a Life of Purpose Aligned Fulfilled and Authentic Maolibox Camille Lalande Coaching Spiritual Guidance Remembrance
My mission is to help you improve your life by guiding you through your remembrance. Guiding you inwards to address your trauma, pain points and previous lives. Making sure to highlight your purpose as a being of light in the Era of the Great Awakening. Working on an interdimensional level to heal and expand your physical, karmic, emotional, social, spiritual and mental experience. Your soul chose to be here in this lifetime and if you found this profile today it is because you are about to dive into a life changing experience that will help you expand and meet your higher self once again.”

Who is this program for?

π“‚€ For beings of the light who don’t feel like they fit into society
π“‚€ You feel misunderstood by the mass and status quo
π“‚€ You are looking to improve your life
π“‚€ You are looking to find or create a career that aligns with your soul
π“‚€ Your highest self is ready to commit to your your dreams and goals
π“‚€ Your higher self is ready to invest time, energy and money in your own life
π“‚€ You are ready to create the life you envision without censorship and limitations

Why sign up for this program?

π“‚€ Overcome depression and pain of life
π“‚€ Find a meaning to your life
π“‚€ Set goals or outline an exciting future to look forward to
π“‚€ You feel like your living your life on repeat
π“‚€ You’re tired of the 9-5 and of a repetitive daily routine
π“‚€ You have a destructive behaviour and sabotage yourself because you feel unhappy in your current situation
π“‚€ You keep quitting every job you get into because you never feel fulfilled by them

How will this Masterclass help you?

π“‚€ Proven and simple steps towards remembering your life and soul purpose
π“‚€ Fast forward years of personal development, self discovery and introspection over this journey together
π“‚€ I will help you define your interests, passions, goals and gifts
π“‚€ We will work on removing any limiting beliefs you might have about yourself and create new empowering beliefs
π“‚€ We will dive deep into your childhood ro find all the hidden clues that will lead you towards remembering your purpose
π“‚€ We will forgive your caretakers and yourself to help you move forward and rewrite your story
π“‚€ Finally, we will sketch a plan for you to materialize in the 3D, the vision of your life you hold in the 5D – by discovering or creating the career that will fulfill you on all levels – mind, body and spirit

Masterclass Agenda

𓆃 Stating that you are ready for a Life Shifting experience
𓆃 The Stepping Stones towards your Life & Soul Purpose
𓆃 Masculine vs Feminine energy and how they help you in your Purpose Remembrance Journey
𓆃 You don’t find your Purpose – it finds you – Remembrance

Location: Online


Tuesday: June 28
Thursday: July 28
Thursday: August 11

Time: 7hPM -8hPM

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