June Energy Update

June Energy Update Seasons Life and Feminine Cycle, Archetypes, Chakras, Energy Points, Elements, Air, Solar Plexus, Spring, Follicular phase, Waxing Moon Camille Lalande, Maolibox, Consciousness Guidance
June Energy Update Seasons Life and Feminine Cycle, Archetypes, Chakras, Energy Points, Elements, Air, Solar Plexus, Spring, Follicular phase, Waxing Moon Camille Lalande, Maolibox, Consciousness Guidance

June Energy Update: Spring

Happy Spring going on Summer 💫


It has been a very loooong time since I have touched base

I prepared so many exciting things that are coming up this summer just for you!

Let’s not waste anymore time and let me show you the June offerings and blog article (Energy Update)


FREE Life and Soul Purpose Remembrance Masterclass


Date: June 28, 2022

Time: 19h-20h

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June is definitely an interesting month. Summer equinox is around the corner.

We’re slowly transitioning from the “rebirth” energy towards the “prime” and “glowing” energy of the summer.


Here is what you need to know about this month of June:


  • Life Phase: Birth (Rebirth)
  • Feminine cycle phase: Follicular
  • Lunar phase: Waxing Moon
  • Archetype: The Goddess and the Maiden
  • Elements: Wood and Air
  • Chakra (Energy point): Heart

Life Phase

Life is a Micro and Macrocosm. We live a fast paced life in our macrocosm, as a human being, but we also live a very slow paced life on the macrocosm level, universal, transdimensional level.

In this 3D reality, physical reality, material and tangible reality, June is the birth and rebirth phase of life. It is the perfect moment of the year to let go of things that no longer serve you, move on with your projects, prepare for the bright summer light, work on yourself and on bettering yourself. Come out of your cocoon, of your comfort zone, try new things, gain confidence in yourself, you have all the reasons to do so.

This phase is all about vitality. You are being reborn. Full of life and energy. Ready to open your eyes on the world once again.

Feminine Cycle Phase: Follicular Phase

Physically, what happens during this phase is the release of the “egg” down to the fallopian tube. It corresponds to the first day of the menstrual period of your cycle.

Hormonally speaking, your estrogen levels rise up and the signal to increase the level of FSH in your body gets sent to your pituitary gland.

This stage is the longest one of the menstrual cycle. Your level of estrogen and testosterone are boosted. No wonder why this period of the year is also timed with the “heats season” for mammals.

Energy levels, intellectual activity and insight are heightened, good mood and libido are back in the game.

It’s the perfect time of the year to get going in terms of projects, business ideas and meetings, social gatherings and brainstorming. You will most probably be craving more fresh and healthy foods than in the previous months.

Lunar Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon

“Waxing” means that the moon is getting fuller and fuller, and “gibbous” means that more than half of the moon is illuminated.

This lunar phase is directly related to the perfecting of your ideas and projects.

The buds of your ideas begin to form and give you the confirmation that the promised flowers will be in your life very soon.

This is a very exciting time, you are beginning to see your ideas and projects come to life. Your ideas are no longer just intangible concepts, you can now see them blossom into your reality. It’s the perfect time to polish things up and add all the little details you want to add to your plan.

Waxing Gibbous Rituals:

This lunar phase is entirely dedicated to the physical manifestation of your ideas and desires. You begin to see the whole picture take shape. To amplify the results of your efforts, take advantage of the energy of this lunar phase to visualize the perfect outcome. Visualize your ideas, projects and dreams in detail. You can also stimulate all 5 senses during your visualization session to make the experience even more real.

Feminine Archetype for June: The Muse

The Muse is a tremendous presence in the lives of others; her creativity and energy attracts others like a magnet, inspiring them to discover their own creativity.

She demonstrates great empathy for others by being sensitive and aware of both her own and others’ emotional lives.

This enables her to assist others in identifying their own emotional needs and creative ambitions, and then working toward their fulfillment.

She is a collaborative worker who works well as part of a team, bringing out the best in people with whom she collaborates and having a positive influence on those around her.

The typical Muse has a lighthearted, whimsical spirit and does not take herself too seriously. She wants to focus on the good aspects of life.

She has a charming sense of humor that draws people to her and makes it easy for her to interact with others.

She is a terrific public speaker and entertainer because of these skills.

These attributes might sometimes combine to give her the appearance of a cheeky, playful, and slightly immature young girl, despite the fact that she is emotionally mature.

Elements of June: Air

The Element of the month of June is the Air, for Gemini season. Air is all about movement, motion and traveling. Change in one’s life. If you have been feeling stagnant lately, this feeling should change soon. And if not, plan a trip by car, plane or train and this change of scenery should help you feel on the go and in motion.

Chakra and Energy point of June: Sacral

The Sacral Chakra, yellow energy point, allows you to be yourself, speak your truth and be fully authentic and aligned with yourself and your purpose. It’s a time to be unapologetically you, blunt, loud and genuine. Shine bright like the diamond you are (sorry for the tacky phrase).

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