Why having a Sense of Purpose is so Important?

Why having a Sense of Purpose is so Important? Maolibox Camille Lalande Holistic Business and Life Coach

Do you ever feel dizzy and overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do? You’re so overwhelmed that you can’t even see clearly anymore and you end up doing absolutely nothing. You scroll through  your instagram feed for hours, because it’s the only thing that makes you forget about everything. Then…you feel guilty, because you didn’t do what you set out to

For years, I would procrastinate, putting off the things I loved, and lived a stressful life day after day instead. 

Wake up early, go to school or work, study, eat, sleep and repeat. Sound familiar?

The few hours left after fulfilling all my duties could have been spent on things that brought me joy like  a hobb, starting a small business or training at the gym. But unfortunately, the vicious cycle led me to embrace a toxic lifestyle where I crashed on the sofa after downing a glass of wine straight after work. 

I hated that lifestyle, I was depressed and felt like I was drifting through life without a purpose. I was questioning the whole system. 

Why were  we told that getting a degree was going to guarantee us a prosperous future? 

I had graduated from university and was working full time, and yet, I felt like all I was doing was paying bills, without ever being able to save up. I had no time to do the things that made me truly happy and was tired all the time.  

One day, I was fed up with feeling this way and I started tracking my healthy actions in a notebook. 

Every single day, I would write down a list starting with the same 4 things: 

1. Walk 10000 steps or train
2. Morning skin routine 
3. Drink 2L of water 
4. Eat healthy meals

The rest of the list would vary from one day to the next. At times, I would write some ideas on pieces of paper of what I wanted to do in the future, or goals I wanted to reach. I would keep those notes in my notebook. I would also jot down my New Year’s resolutions there. Eventually, my notebook got really full and I kept losing important notes and documents.

And then it hit me… wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a book that would have everything in one!?! That kept me organized and accountable to my dreams? And that’s when it all started. I created the Maolibox journal, the first Personal Development Agenda.

My Life Purpose? To help and guide women find their purpose in life and stick to it.  
When you know WHY you are on this planet, when you know WHAT your mission is, you actually can start LIVING instead of drifting. 

You wake up in the morning, excited to take on this new day. 

And having a journaling practice is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help you get there. 

Maolibox is not your regular journal, with daily prompts and it helps you stay on track and avoid the dreaded overwhelm. 

I’ll be sharing more tips to help you get clear on your purpose + how to stay accountable so you can step out of the box into who you were always meant to be. Drop your fave emoji if you are excited to start living ON PURPOSE!!

So, if you want to become the best version of yourself, discover your purpose, your mission, I can help you!

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