Chakra Healing Workshop

Chakra Healing Workshop Maolibox Business & Life Coaching

Mind, body, spirit connection is so important. And with all that is happening in the world, it is normal to feel out of balance. These imbalances can have repercussions not only on our mental and emotional health, but also on our physical health.

The Root & Heart Chakras are being tested and triggered more than ever. It is important to be aware of it and to do what is necessary to keep them healthy and open.

Join us for this 2h workshop about chakras and energy points


You will learn:

⭐️ What are Chakras?

⭐️ Which on my Chakras are less stimulated? Why?

⭐️ How to heal and stimulate my Chakras?


When: November 13th, 2021 from 10h AM to 12h

Where: Zoom Conference Room (Link will be provided by email)

Price: 40$

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